Sophmore Year

This year I am a sophmore in GITA 2. The classes I take are Spanish 3, AP Euro, GITA 2, Honors Chemistry
Lit/Comp 2, and Honors PreCalculus. The sport that I am currently in is Dance Production. I am determined
to earn good grades in all my classes and be successful in school.

Info About Being in GITA

In GITA 2, we are learning HTML and CSS using Notepad++. We have created different webpages such as
collages, information pages, and etc. GITA is almost like learning a new language because students
have to learn what certain codes mean and how to have a code represent the way something is
displayed. Additionally, the students work together and help each other out. Projects are also
super fun to complete because sometimes you can design things the way you want and customize an

School Information:

Brea Olinda High School
789 N. Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821
Phone (714)990-7850
Fax (714) 990-7547